PlayStation 3 May Launch Video Download Service at E3 2008

Illustration for article titled PlayStation 3 May Launch Video Download Service at E3 2008

The LA Times and "studio executives familiar with the plan" are predicting a summer 2008 launch for the PlayStation 3's video download service. Whether this service is a rental scheme—like iTunes or Xbox Live Marketplace—or a download scheme where you get to keep your videos and transfer them to the PSP, is uncertain.


What we do know is that Sony's been hinting at doing video since they unveiled Home back at GDC 2007, but also doing some fancy things like putting video in public places or doing some interesting social networking type thing within Home for video. What we wouldn't give to be able to watch a video with our buddies, online, and have a group chat with our Home avatars. [LA Times via Game Pro]



Hope Sony gets the DRM right. Thus far, every digital video distribution service, especially Sony's, has failed at making digital downloads worthwhile with restrictive DRM. Especially considering the price of these downloads isn't much better then DVDs.

However, Sony does have the digital downloads right on their PSN service. Being able to download an unlimited amount of time on 5 different machines long as you have the log-in/password to your account works great. I can go into my friends PS3 and download and play PSN games from my account. If Sony keeps consistent with what they have going with the PS3 then it may actually worth buying. At the very least I need to go to my friends house and be able to watch the movies I purchased (I can do this with DVD as well as PSN).