PlayStation 4 To Be Neutered, Rendered Disc-Less

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The PlayStation 3 isn't out yet, but that doesn't stop Sony's Phil Harrison from making wild speculations about the capability of Playstation 4. According to him, the PS4 won't support physical discs. At all. He opines:

I'd be amazed if the PlayStation 4 has a physical disc drive.

So you mean in 5-10 years, our home's series of tubes/big trucks/broadband connections will be fat enough to download a 50GB game in a decent amount of time? We sure hope so.


But wait, Phil! You mean those precious Blu-ray discs that your company's humping so hard is going to be gone by the time PS4 is out? Oh wait, Kotaku's Ashcraft already beat me to that joke/conclusion. Damn you Ash! Damn you and your 16-hour head start.

The Infinite Arcade [Wired via Kotaku]



Wait... It will be Backwards Compatible. Just that you have to download it, or theres a drive for all our precious old sch cd, dvd br disks.

This might juz be the future. Sony is hinting us with the future, 'We will be able to load huge amount of data in a short time.'

Its a great idea!! Just look at our MP3 players.. PS1 cassette player, PS2 CD player, PS3 MP3 compatible CD Player and the PS4 is an iPod. Load and Play.