PlayStation Network Factoids (Now With Eco Preaching!)

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Sony revealed some new numbers about their PlayStation Network today. There are 9.8 million registrants worldwide and they've downloaded 170 million files. All in all, PSN has distributed 86 peta bytes of data worth something like 17 million (single layer) DVDs (read: not Blu-ray discs). Now think about those 17 million DVDs stacked in a big, stinky pile and tell us with a straight face that digital distribution, despite how much we love our pretentious vinyl collection and ripping our own CDs, is not progress that will make for a better world. [Kotaku]

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While I have nothing against conservation, I have no time for the human-hating, tree-worshipping Gaia-freaks that make up the evnviro movement (or their jet-setting hypocrite overlords like the Goracle). All that said, I also have a limited amount of physical space in my life, plus I like to have my information to hand as quickly as possible, so digital content just makes sense. I don't think it is quite there for movies yet - nothing downloadable comes close to Blu-Ray on a good TV, but for music and books it is the way to go. Though the Kindle is a bit blocky, and the price isn't there yet, it is a great service. I've had it for about a month now, and I am totally addicted to it. My wife is happy that i am not adding to the books in the already-crowded apartment.