Please Let This Canon 5D Mark II Ashtray Be Fake

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I wonder how this happened. Did a bunch of Chinese businessmen desecrate this Canon 5D Mark II for kicks or were they jonesing for some cigs and had nothing but this used camera lying around?

Regardless of the reason, Canon camera fans may want to look away from the 5D camera body above. Only the bravest shutterbugs can stand the sight of such a beautiful camera filled with ashes, cigars and used cigarettes.

Unless, of course, you are one of those creative folk who wonder what would happen if you dumped out the ashes and tried to take a picture. Would the camera still work? Could you use the residual ash to create a whole new photography technique? [Weibo via PetaPixel]


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The fact that the strap is so "coincidentally" shown in such a way so not just photographers know what it is makes me think even more that it is staged on purpose.