Plexeraser - Erasing Your DVDs and CDs in Six Minutes

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Plextor is planning on releasing a CD/DVD drive soon that will erase all the data on a disc, making data recovery impossible—or so they claim. We're surprised we haven't seen this type of drive sooner.

Most people have been sticking their discs in the microwave and frying it in six seconds, not six minutes. We don't know how well that method works when it comes to professional data recovery, say, by the federales. The Plexeraser seems like it's more thorough.

Plexeraser, Mess-up with your DVD and CD [Akihabara News]

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Microwaving has the benefit of being able to do mass-destruction as well - you can fit a lot of CDs into a microwave.

As for being able to recover the data, it's probably possible, but considering the microwaved CDs I've seen have the lacquer flaking off, it would take a lot of work to reconstruct it (provided no vital flakes were lost, too). And without the benefit of the pre-etched grooves which help guide the reader and writer, recovery will be very expensive indeed.

The data can be recovered in bits and pieces, yes, but the cost is prohibitive. As with anything, the more money you spend, you can recover practically anything.

I don't know about DVDs though since the recording layers are embedded in the middle of the polycarbonate, rather than at the top as with a CD.

As for the belt sander, given that sensitive data on hard drives is incinerated before disposal, I would believe CDs would have a similar fate. A CD or DVD recordable has a organic layer that decomposes with heat and light, and the polycarbonate would melt.