Plug-and-Play Hospitals Inflate In Haiti

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You've probably heard something about Doctors Without Borders (also known as the Médecins Sans Frontières, or MSF) lately, given their involvement in Haiti. Here, we see the organization set up what they call "plug-and-play" hospitals—self-sustained, inflatable medical facilities.

The whole 41 metric ton setup allows 9 tents housing 100 beds to be delivered by air, an inflatable facility that operates nearly autonomous from Haiti's devastated infrastructure. Everything from generators to sterilization equipment comes along with the tents.

BoingBoing has an excellent interview with members of the MSF regarding these deployed facilities that I'd highly recommend reading in full. And if you're interested in supporting these particular efforts in Haiti, we've included that link as well. [BoingBoing and Donate to Doctors Without Borders]