Plug-In Prius Forthcoming?

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We like to keep up with the Toyota Prius since, after all, it is just one big gadget, and now the titans at Toyota are hinting that they might reverse their stance on building a Prius with a plug-in option. Lots of tinkerers such as EnergyCS of California are already modifying the hybrid car to also accept power via electric outlets—bragging of doubling its mileage in so doing—and Toyota is apparently aware of it, saying that it will join the fun by starting to "advance its research and development of plug-in hybrid vehicles."

Could this next Prius be the same one we mentioned earlier that would be turbocharged and get 100 miles per gallon? Either way, we just went out and checked our garage, and there happens to be an electrical outlet right where we would park our new Prius.


Get the Extension Cord: Toyota to Consider Plug-in Hybrids [Jalopnik]

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You can plug in at night to eleminate the high rates during peak times for electric bill.

Even running on electricity produced by dirty coal (55% of the USA Powerplants are coal burning) is far better than using oil/gas, so where is the problem? The average USA driver, drives 29 miles a day. When you drive beyond your pure battery range, you're on gas or another form of fuel. I've converted a car to run on pure waste veg oil and it ran smoother than before. The know how has been here for years, it's the powers that be and our combined lazy attitude that allow the combustion engine to continue. Watch Who killed the electric car if you want to get really fired up!