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Canon introduced the 6-megapixel PowerShot S3 IS, the successor to its popular 5-megapixel PowerShot S2 IS hybrid digital camera. Canon redesigned the camera s six-megapixel image sensor and combines that with a Digic II image processor to reduce noise.

The camera s 12x zoom lens gives you a film equivalent of 36-432 mm at a relatively quick f/2.7 at its widest angle, and f/3.5 zoomed all the way in. Even though that lens has a nice long focal length, it still retracts into the camera when not in use.


Canon borrowed technology from its EF and video lenses for its image stabilizer system, using a technique the company calls Lens Shift. Available in May for $500.

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Canon PowerShot S3 IS [Let's Go Digital]

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