Pocket-Sized Guitar Hero from Basic Fun Lets You Rawk Out on the Subway

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Basic Fun had a little bit of help from their friends at Activision and Red Octane for their miniature version of Guitar Hero. Measuring just 3 x 7.5 inches, the guitar neck folds down so you really can whip it out of your shirt pocket and thrill commuters with your ax licks. Of course, it's got a pared-down version of the whammy bar, as well as an LCD screen so you know what you should be playing. It's out at the beginning of March, but I'm still waiting for Keytar Hero to hit in the hope that Basic Fun will develop a mini version of that. [Technabob]

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I'm A Different Bird

@Samifumi: What we got here is failure to communicate.

I don't want to learn to play guitar. I'm not really interested in being in a band. That seems like a lot of work, and I've already got a full-time job that draws off most of my attention. I also play some of the WWE games, but I've got no interest in being a pro wrestler either. And I love the GTA games, but I ain't gonna go out and become a mafioso.

For "Bob's" sake, is it too hard to understand that some people might just want to PLAY A DAMN GAME? Guitar Hero is popular because it's fun. PERIOD. Nobody's "posing", nobody thinks they're a badass rock god just because they can beat a Guitar Hero game, they're just having fun. I realize that "fun" is a foreign word to you, but trust me, it is something desirable.

@Jaymez: Yes, I agree with you. It's so very sad when people enjoy something I don't. How pathetic are they, having interests that I don't share?

Oh, and here's a clue-by-four upside your head: Guitar Hero isn't made to listen to. It's a video game, not an iPod. Try getting up and playing it sometime. Here's another: "One" isn't a cover. It's the actual Metallica recording. Thus proving that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.