Pogue on Vista: Lets You Safely Keep Your Porny Wallpaper

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New York Times tech superhero, David Pogue, is giving us his first impressions on Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Vista. He praises the OS' elegance saying its "infinitely more pleasant to use than its predecessors." He also gives MS kudos for its improved Speech Recognition app, which he deems is better than previous incarnations. But his favorite feature it seems is Vista's Presentation Mode, which aside from keeping your laptop from going to sleep during a presentation, can automatically:

"Change your desktop wallpaper to something uncontroversial, so your bosses won't unexpectedly glimpse the HotBikiniBabes.com photo that you usually use."


Now we're talking. If that's not reason enough to upgrade, I don't know what is!

Vista Wins on Looks. As for Lacks [NYT]