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Pokemon Go Is About to Overtake Snapchat and Google Maps

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Pokemon Go has been taking over our lives for a week already, but there are no signs of mercy. First it beat Tinder, but the hookup app was just small fish. The game’s daily active users have already skyrocketed to 21 million and look likely to overtake Snapchat and Google Maps.

There are about 11 million daily active users on Android, compared to Snapchat and Google Maps’ roughly 14 million. Given that Pokemon Go’s daily active users were only at 8 million a few days ago, adding another three million in the near future seems nbd.


Tinder is a dating app with a specific reputation, so it has limited reach even if everyone we know seems to be on it. But Snapchat is itself a relatively new fad (which, by the way, surpassed Twitter in daily active users in June) and Google Maps is basically a cornerstone of civilization. Who doesn’t need to get somewhere and who doesn’t prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps and whatever else is out there? Pokemon Go could even beat Maps as the biggest user of Google parent Alphabet’s mapping data.

By another metric, Pokemon Go is beating out Facebook. The social network still has more mobile users, but people spend more time per day trying to catch Pokemon than they do scrolling past people’s baby photos.


The Pokemon weirdness just don’t stop. It’s just arrived in Europe, and is even in one specific city in South Korea. San Francisco politicians have agreed to battle. People are catching Pokemon at graves, catching trees, and bracing themselves for “sponsored” Pokemon locations. The hype has got to die out sometime, but for those impatiently waiting for the madness to end, here are some extensions to block them in the meantime. After all, who knows when the madness will end, and who Pokemon Go will have overtaken by then?

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