Pokémon Motivates Lazy Kids with Poké Walker

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Children who want to level up their monsters in two new Pokémon remakes will still need to wander around aimlessly for hours on end, but this time that wandering will be in real life.

Pokémon "Heart" Gold and Poké "Soul" Silver will be bundled with the new Poké Walker peripheral, a pedometer that can hold one deadly but cute Pokémon at a time. As the player walks, the Pokémon gains XP and pedometer earns extra watts, the game's currency. All of this data is fed back into the DS game through the IR port (integrated into the games' cartridges) so that the newly fit child can continue his underground animal fight club.

The new Pokémon titles will be around this fall in Japan before hopefully making their way to the DS. [Kotaku]