Pop art Star Trek posters make the Original Series groovy again

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The original Star Trek, back in the 1960s, was kind of a groovy acid trip. The colors were bright, the planets were full of crazy fashions and big lizard heads, and everything was extreme. And these new retro Star Trek posters from Quantum Mechanix capture all of the boldness of the original show, with pop art coolness.

These posters are the work of artist/designer Juan Ortiz. You can order the posters as 18 x 24 inch prints, costing $34.95 for a set of four, over at Quantum Mechanix. The posters will be released at the rate of one per month, for the next 20 months.

Here's what QMX and Ortiz have to say about each poster:


Episode 9: Dagger of the Mind. "The image is a stylized version of the patch worn by the doctor in the episode," says Ortiz. "I tried to give this poster an old Playbill look."

Episode 28: The City on the Edge of Forever. In drawing the character Edith Keeler, Ortiz went with "a '70s/'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' approach." The Beatles' Yellow Submarine was and still is a big influence in much of his work.


Episode 53: The Ultimate Computer. Ortiz wanted to be sure to credit not just the lead actors, but the writers and director as well. He says, "They are, after all, the creators. I'm just interpreting their words and visuals in a different format."


Episode 75: The Way to Eden. The look here is Grateful Dead-esque. "I knew that I wanted to create a black-light poster for this series, and naturally, "The Way to Eden," with its hippie theme, seemed perfect," says the artist.