Popcorn Time's "Netflix for Torrents" Will Play Nice With AirPlay

The team behind the slick service that lets you stream torrents like they're Netflix movies keeps churning out updates. Popcorn Time recently got Chromecast support. Now it's coming to an Apple TV near you, thanks to AirPlay support.

As you might recall, the original (and questionably legal) Popcorn Time open source project killed itself earlier this year, but like all worthy internet things, it was kept alive by a devoted team of developers at Time4Popcorn.eu. They tell us that tomorrow AirPlay support is coming to the Windows version of the app, and that the Mac update is coming "at the beginning of next week." Additionally, the developers tell us you an expect (finally!) an iOS version next month.


We'll keep you posted with the updates hit. It might be bad for content creators who want to get paid, but you have to admire the dedication of these devs. [Time4Popcorn]

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