Portable Drumpad Saves You From Smashing Your Phone's Display

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There's no shortage of drumming apps and games for the iPhone and iPad, but who wants to risk damaging their device's display during an epic drum solo? That has to be the reason Dream Cheeky created this compact iDrum kit that lets you bang away without breaking your touchscreen toys.

The rechargeable drumpad packs a seven piece drum kit into an accessory that looks to be no larger than Apple's wireless keyboard, and also uses Bluetooth to connect to your iOS devices. Dream Cheeky claims the iDrum can actually be used to learn how to drum while playing along with your music, but we're pretty sure most people won't be dropping $70 on this toy as an educational aid. Particularly when it can be used to play a bunch of free drumming games available from the App Store. [Dream Cheeky]