Forget us poor schlubs who use our Blackberrys to email each other about what time we're meeting at the bar for drinks, it's the million-dollar CEOs who are seriously freaking out about losing service from RIM if this patent infringement case with NTP goes any further. With the Davos World Economic Forum starting today, it looks like business leaders from around the world are kvetching about not having their Blackberrys by their side next year at this time. Boo hoo, says Peter Levene, chairman of the Lloyd's of London insurance market.

It's just nuts. The idea that someone is just going to switch it off in three or four weeks, even if it's only in the United States, is crazy.


Insane, I say! Like there's not a hundred competitors just waiting in the wings, licking their chops, waiting for the world's Crackberrys to go dark. Now quit your whining, go forth and try to end world hunger, and while you're at it, stop Iran from blowing up the world, would ya?

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