Possio GRETA Combination Printer, Scanner, Fax and Cellphone

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Possio used 3GSM to launch the GRETA GSM Fax & Printer. This all-in-one unit combines, you guessed it, a fax machine, printer, copier, scanner... and a cellphone? Well, you can make cellular calls with it, but it's not exactly the size of most cellphones. What Possio was smoking when they came up with that idea we'll never know, but it could be useful for all those so-called road warriors, busily working from the road. The device hooks up to a PC via a USB connection and, in the words of Steve Jobs, boom! instant office.


And people complained that all they wanted was a cellphone that works. Indeed.

Possio GRETA [Possio via Newlaunches.com]


Well, if it's got bluetooth, I can see where it'd be handy for a salesman:

1) Scan in customer order.

2) Print sales receipts for said customer.

3) Fax said order to (antiquated) home office that can't do e-mail or web-entry.

4) Throw it on the front seat, drive away, make phone call (on BT'd headset) to notify next customer that you're running late because the last customer is still working with 1950's technology.

5) Maybe even hook up to laptop via BT and surf the web when caught in traffic behind 30-car pile up that's being cleaned up in front of you. (better, though less satisfying, than pulling out .357 Magnum and clearing the mess yourself)