This week sure gave us a lot to talk about over the long weekend. From a giant sinkhole that opened up mere blocks from our NYC office to the weird way that colorized photos are changing how we view history, here's the best of what we wrote about this week.

A Giant Sinkhole Just Opened Up in the Middle of Manhattan

According to a tweet from @NYCityAlerts, a massive sinkhole has just opened up in lower Manhattan. The collapse was preceded by a water main break around 11am, flooding several restaurants including the famed Katz's Deli (don't worry, the pastrami is safe).

FCC Incest: Meet the Cable Cronies Who Control Net Neutrality's Future

The fate of net neutrality has never looked bleaker, with the FCC's proposed rules basically dismantling the free and open internet that we know today. You can thank the agency's notorious revolving door for that; for years, FCC officials and the people they're supposed to be regulating have been playing a horrible game of telecom musical chairs.

When Amazon Plays Dirty, You Lose

Amazon sends everything you could possibly need or want to your door in two days. That's in addition to a growing stable of movies and TV shows, all for a great price. It's easy to fall in love. But Amazon's recent crusade against one book publisher is a nasty reminder that the company doesn't love you back, and it will screw you to get what it wants.

A New Terrifying Ride Drops You Face First At 60 MPH

Amusement parks love those heart-stopping vertical drop rides because they don't take up much space. But when you've ridden one, you've ridden them all. At least until Busch Gardens' new 335-foot tall Falcon's Fury ride is open to the public.

Microsoft Finally Surrendered To the iPad. Good!

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is many things. It's thinner, it's faster; it's all of the superlatives that come when you out a New and Improved version of anything tech. It, along with the absence of a Surface Mini, is also a white flag. Microsoft has finally accepted that Surface can't take on the iPad. But it might just be able to take the MacBook Air.

Minnesota Just Became the First State to Ban Anti-Bacterial Soap

If you've ever washed your hands with anti-bacterial soap, there's a good chance you were rubbing yourself down with a chemical called triclosan—a chemical that's been proven to be harmful in humans in recent years. Now, Minnesota has become the first state to officially ban it. And yours could be next.

The Case Against Antibacterial Soap

It's been ingrained in us since childhood. Don't want to get sick? Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. But the same compound we entrust to fend off the sniffles could actually be harming us—and creating an army of superbugs in the process. It's time to ban antibacterial soap.

The FBI Is Struggling to Hire Hackers Who Don't Smoke Weed (Updated)

The FBI has a problem. The agency needs to hire hackers to build out its cyber crime division, but it also will not hire anyone who's smoked weed in the past three years. And guess what? A lot of hackers like to smoke weed.

Are Colorized Photos Rewriting History?

There's been an explosion in the number of colorized photos lately. People find old black-and-white photos online, and meticulously add color to give us a new perspective on history. But recently one colorized image caught my eye after it was tweeted by the notoriously inaccurateHistoryInPics. It's a stunningly colorful view of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1940. But the photo is a lie.

How to Make an Ad for Porn That Isn't Two People F*cking

Porn! The internet is full of it—so full, in fact, that PornHub has decided to set itself apart by running an ad campaign in the blinding, unobscured light of day. Which, for a company specializing in smut, is easier said than done.