Prada's 2012 Spring Shoe Collection Inspired By Classic American Cars

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Thanks Prada for once again completely befuddling me when it comes to high fashion. Because while I certainly love the designs of classic American automobiles, I would never have thought to apply their iconic spoilers and taillights to high-heeled shoes.

But that's exactly what the company has done with their 2012 spring collection. At least to part of their shoe lineup, with ridiculous looking designs featuring automotive parts like spoilers, wings, lights, chrome accents, and even flames that hearken back to the hot rod culture of the 1950s.


I've no idea how much these monstrosities will cost, but with a Prada logo somewhere on there you can guarantee they will be expensive. But I'm sure that won't stop fashionistas from snatching them up. [Hungeree via Coudal]