Predictably, the US Refused to Sign That UN Internet Treaty

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Over the past fortnight, the internet has been awash with debate over the future of the internet: the UN, so the stories went, was planning to change the governance of the internet for good. Predictably, the US has point-blank refused to play ball—along with Canada and the UK—and that stops proceeding dead.


We took the time the other week to explain why people didn't need to worry about the UN initiative:

So what's going to happen? Nothing. Nothing is going to happen. Passage of any of the, again, over 900 proposals on the table will require a "consensus," which means more than a majority vote. Good luck getting 193 countries to agree on something that has to do with freedom of speech, money, regulation, and American Imperialism.

And let's say, hypothetically, the world reached a consensus on one of these 900 proposals. Let's say that it was even a huge one-stripping control of Internet domains away from ICANN and giving to the United Nations. Then what? Nothing. The ITU has no enforcement mechanism. In other words, it has no way to make anyone do anything.

And guess what happened? Nothing! While the likes of Russia, China and Saudi Arabia were pushing hard for change, there were plenty of other countries that were unsure or dead against it. The US, Canada and the UK in particular were fiercely opposed to rewriting internet regulations. The revolution won't be televised, not even on YouTube—because there won't be one. [BBC]

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The recent rise of fake socialism but very real populism in semi-dictatorial nations is a lot more dangerous than this "don't worry about the initiative" statement implies.

In a sense, "Idiocracy" is pretty much where we stand. Nations like Venezuela, Brazil, Russia, China and Iran are all ruled by proto dictators, personalist cults or one sided non-democratic power blocks. In all those places, among others, the same groups are in power for over a decade (no power alternance), have all had educational standards drop significantly as per Unesco ratings, and accordingly, have all been pushing for widespread media and information control.

It's true that this trend has so far been stronger in South America and Eastern European countries for a long time already, but the fact that this populist wave, where people behave more and more like intellectually and factually starved sheep and simply support every major proposition from their governments in exchange for a few breadcrumbs IS WORRISOME.

Think about the BRICS, and the only one not evidently following this cult of idiocy is India. Brazil, Russia and China alone amount to roughly two billion people. Then there are the "unenlightened" places like Iran, Venezuela and North Korea. This is a change in the trend, and the very fact that this significant block managed to push the UN into voting mode is by itself terrible. Soon (if not already) this group of puppets will have reached over half the globe's population, and the group of uninformed sheeple will be driving the whole of us to the informational slaughterhouse again.

At one time, independent educated people may become a too small minority to really fight lobbyism and populism together, and this moment may not be too far in the future. Let's worry now, and spread the word. SOPA and PIPA were and are not over as propositions, and every sort of dictatorial bastard has seen this as an opportunity to join forces with the worst possible kind of lobbyists in America.

WAKE UP, lets fight this intelectual starvation with knowledge and cyber activism before it's too late.