Pretty Persuasion: The Devil Wears a Grey Skirt, and Her Name Is Kimberly Joyce

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In high school, there's always that one teacher who everyone secretly thinks is a perv. Sometimes he really is. Usually, he's just a weird guy who loves his job.


In Pretty Persuasion, Kimberly Joyce (Evan Rachel Wood) is a popular, pretty, privileged student at ultra ritzy Roxbury High. Naturally, she wants to be a movie star, so she goes on auditions for TV shows and lands the lead in the school play, The Diary of Anne Frank. Unfortunately, Mr. Anderson—Kimberly's pervy English teacher and the director of the play—hears Kimberly say an off-color remark at the school's international food fair and as punishment gives the role of Anne Frank to Kimberly's ditzy best friend, Brittany. Yeah, yeah, that certainly sucks. But things are about to get a lot worse.

A few days later, Brittany runs out of rehearsal in tears, finds Kimberly in the hall, and sobs about how much she hates Mr. Anderson. This is the last straw for Kimberly, who already suspects Mr. Anderson of being inappropriate with her other best friend, Randa, so she vows that they will make him pay. In what becomes a giant media blitz, the three girls file sexual harassment charges against Mr. Anderson, and from there things get only more twisted. Know this: you don't want to get on Kimberly's bad side. [Netflix]


Did I miss Movie Night becoming a thing? Is this a homework assignment to review a movie? Or is this a (not so) cleverly disguised advertisement? No, that doesn't seem right, it's a seven year old movie apparently. Wait, maybe a Netflix ad?

I'm so confused. This seems so out of left field.