Print Out This 35mm Camera

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Printer. Paper. Rubber band. Two rolls of 35mm film. Do you have these things? Great. Let's make you a camera.


The pinhole camera is about as simple as design gets. As opposed to lenses and fancy shutters, the pinhole design features the most basic design ideal—a hole in a box.

A flickr member has shared the template for the swank pinhole camera you see above here, along with step by step instructions (including a handy chart for exposure times) for assembly/operation.

From what I can tell, the project is about as simple as DIY stuff gets, and there's a pleasant, delayed payoff (that most of us have lost with digital) as you have the film developed to see if the project worked at all. [Flickr via MAKE via Wired]


Where is the link for the dark room made of nothing but egg cartons, bacon grease, and coffee grounds used for chemicals? Can you tell I haven't had my breakfast yet?

In Jr. High I made a similar camera with 110 film and a box. It "worked", but the photos were awful. Still, it is a fun experiment.