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Pro-Tip: Never Ask Darth Vader to Dance

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Darth Vader is many things—tragic villain, almighty horror, dab hand with a lightsaber—but he is not a dancer. Thanks the the Darth Vader Annual, we now know that this is what happens when you’re stupid enough to insist that the Dark Lord of the Sith take you for a twirl on the dance floor.

Minor spoilers ahead for Darth Vader Annual #1, by Kieron Gillen, Leinil Yu, Jerry Alanguilan, Joe Caramagna, and Jason Keith.

The first Darth Vader “annual” issue is a self-contained story, set in the continuity of, but unrelated to, his ongoing comic series or the Star Wars crossover event Vader Down—which is doing a fantastic job of showing us Darth Vader at his most fearsome.


The annual issue, which sees Vader sent to a planet called Shu-Torun to question its King as to why the planet isn’t filling its mining quotas to the Empire, is pretty much the same sort of thing. It’s filled with people underestimating Vader, only for him to readily hand their butts to them.


But it also features a snobby courtier demanding that Vader dance with his daughter. Shu-Torun is—according to Vader’s guide on the planet, Princess Trios—an intensely courtly culture, and to refuse the hand of a noblewoman at a dance is a hugely insulting thing to do. It’s also what you do when you’re Darth Vader, because yo, you’re Darth Vader. You don’t dance, you choke people!

Which, coincidentally, is what Vader does when the Duke really insists that Vader dances with his daughter.


Vader flings the Duke up into the air, for the rest of the dancing court to see, and then simply lets him plummet to the floor, giving the best comeback in return:


Moments later, Vader’s interrupted by people trying to kill him—what, you wanted to hear about that bit instead of dancing? Well, go read the comic!—but presumably, the answer to his question would’ve been a resounding no after that.