Projectiondesign 2D/3D Projector, Hellooo Home Theater

A new DLP projector by Projectiondesign promises not only a 1080p image at 60Hz, but one that you can watch in 3D. But it's no simple feat. While most normal DLP projectors simply shine light through a color wheel, this projector is driven by an unconventional two imaging chips (one for the left eye and one for the right) that each take turns controlling color wheel rotation.

The result is that every other rotation accommodates just one of your eyes. When coupled with standard shutter glasses, you can get a 3D image. And when you get a 3D image, you get The Future. The system will be released in Korea this September with no announcements yet for a visit stateside. As usual, even if the technology works perfectly, there's still the unfortunate catch of content. [Aving]


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