Protecting Your Nude Pics, Apple's Newest Designer, A Sewer Tour, More

This week revealed a lot about life on the internet. Most of it was pretty awful. Let's flush out the bad with the best—specifically, the best stories Gizmodo wrote this week.

Why Apple Just Hired a Rockstar Industrial Designer


It's no secret that Apple is branching out into the home—and into all manner of peripherals. But it's still a surprise to hear that Marc Newson, the legendary industrial designer responsible for some of the most well-known furniture and products of the past decade, will be joining Jony Ive's team soon.

The Stubborn "Nail Houses" That Refuse to Get Demolished

In 1914, the government of New York City took ownership of a Manhattan apartment building belonging to one David Hess. The city used a legal power called eminent domain, allowing governments to seize private property for public use—in this case they wanted to expand the subway system. Hess fought them and lost, and when all was said and done, his building was torn down, and he was left with a triangle shaped piece of property. It was about the size of a large slice of pizza.

Behind the Scenes at the San Francisco 49ers' New High Tech Stadium


Candlestick's out and Levi's Stadium has been officially christened as the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. The brand-spanking-new site is all kinds of wired up and ready to receive upwards of 70,000 smartphone-wielding fans. I went behind the scenes to see how the tech has come together. Are you ready for some football?

9 Awesome Features Smartphones Still Don't Have


This last week we've seen so many phones. So. Many. Phones. From Samsung, HTC, Nokia,Sony, Motorola, and the most talked about smartphone release from Apple is still yet to come. But they're all still missing a few features that would make them even better.

iPhone 6 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know (Updated)


It's iPhone time of the year again! Apple will reportedly show off the eighth generation of its flagship device on September 9. If you believe the rumors, iPhone 6 will be one of the most dramatic updates to the iPhone line in quite some time.

Should YOU Stand in Line For the New iPhone?


Did you hear? The new, bigger iPhone is coming next week! Not only that, but it might be joined by an even bigger new iPhone, and possible even an iWatch. As they do every year, people arealready standing in line for the opportunity to purchase these iPhones. Should you be one of them?

Egypt's Oldest Pyramid Is Being Destroyed By the Company Hired to Fix It


Saqqara, in Egypt, is the oldest stone complex ever built by humans—and within it sits the oldest pyramid in Egypt. It's a piece of irreplaceable history that's been crumbling for 4,600 years. But according to one local report, it's currently being destroyed by the company hired to "restore" it.

Drain Drones and Hydro-Saws: A Sewer Tour of LA's Underground Tech


"So, do you prefer full-immersion or ankle-deep?" Not quite the reply I'd expected from Kent Carlson, the sewer and stormwater field operations manager for the city of Los Angeles, when I requested a tour of the city's new sewer technology.

We Need a "Private Photo" Mode For Phones


There are still too many unknowns about the hack that launched a thousand (well, a dozen or so) celeb nudes over the weekend; how it happened, what's being done to keep it from happening again. But one thing has become more clear than ever: the need for a "private photo" mode on your smartphone.

How to Keep Photos of Your Naked Body Off the Internet


If you've been conscious at any point during the past 48 hours, you've probably heard about the slew of raunchy celeb selfies making their way around the internet. It didn't have to be that way; despite all appearances, you can keep your naked body off the internet. Here's how.

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