Proton Brings 47, 42-inch Purity LCDs to North America

These beauties will be on display at TvTvst in September. They mark Proton's return to the North American market. Proton is known for having some of the thinnest, best looking LCDs televisions out there and these are no different.

The two models come loaded up with component inputs (two sets for the 47-inch model), 16:9 aspect ratio, NTSC and ATSC tuners, picture-in-picture, up to 176 degree viewing angle and HD resolution up to 1080p. Hit the jump for prices and a picture of the 42-incher.

This image was lost some time after publication.

The 47-inch model will run $4,000 and the 42-inch model will sell for $2,500.

Proton 47-inch and 42-inch Purity LCD TVs [MobileWhack]

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