PS3 DivX Update Coming 'Very Soon'

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Click to viewWe met with DivX earlier today to discuss their upcoming plans, and one of the topics that came up was support for the PS3 console. According to the company, they expect the previously announced firmware update to hit the PS3 soon, which will enable full DivX support for the console. Though no specific time frame was given for this upgrade, their particular emphasis on saying it was coming soon leads us to believe it's "coming in a week or two" soon, as opposed to "4 months down the road" soon.

As far as upgrade details go, the PS3 is DivX-certified, meaning not only is playback guaranteed to function properly, but game developers can also use the compression format for in-game cutscenes In comparison, the Xbox 360 merely supports playback of DivX-encoded videos [DivX]

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@bobide: DivX is NOT the most efficient codec for video. There's a reason Blu-ray and HD DVD stick to VC1 and h.264/AVC.

DivX is just trying to maintain relevance by cutting all these deals with gadget manufacturers. DivX is dead as soon as random torrent uploaders stop using it (which is already happening).