PS3 May Not Be Back Compatible

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What's this, now? 9 PS2 games and 38 Playstation games might not be backwards compatible with the PS3? Holy poop, you say. That's terrible. Why would that be? Well:

"We believe multiple factors are responsible," said Reiko Sakamoto, a spokeswoman for SCEI in Tokyo. The latest console uses a new chipset — the chip that sits between the main processor and the rest of the device — and changes in that chip coupled with the way some software is programmed are believed to be causing the glitches, she said. The problems are largely screen hang-ups during certain parts of the game but also include glitches such as the slow saving of game data onto memory cards.

So it seems that there's one stupid glitch in just about 47 games that is hanging stuff up for us all. Big deal? Probably not, considering there are 8,000 PS and PS2 games. Then we get this little tip in the jar from reader Ive:

Hey i know as a fact that the PSP2 WILL BE COMING OUT BEFORE THE PS3 and most likely before christmas (to compete with the xbox 360) i dont have spex yet but i will, how do i know? well 2 reasons, i have a freind at sony, and i went on an audition for a commercial for it today ill let you know if i get any more info


So it will be a holly jolly holiday for us all AND we won't be able to play Wild Wild Racing or some other claptrap.

Compatibility issues to dog PS3? [DigitalWorldTokyo]