PS3 Web Browser First Look

Sony's been throwing a PS3 fest here in New York and along with Gawker's video guru, Richard Blakeley, gave us a first hand look at the PS3's web browser interface. Typing URLs with the controller is somewhat clunky as you can see from the video itself (luckily you can plug in a USB keyboard), but otherwise it'll let you open up to 6 different browser windows simultaneously and then tile them (Expose style) so you can see them all at once. Our compatriots at Kotaku also shot some videos of the PS3's picture and movie browser, the latter which displays animated thumbnails of each clip you have stored on the PS3.

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I played F1 on a standard-definition TV and I must say that my experience was less than stellar. There is a HUGE difference in visual quality. In fact, after playing that game as well as NBA live and a handful of other games, that they looks like previous generation titles on SD. They look like a good xbox title, like Halo 2 for example. Maybe thats no surprise to anyone. But there are a whole lot of people who still dont have Hi-Def sets out there, who stand to be dissapointed. If I didnt have a Hi-Def set, I'd be pissed.