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Psst...Got Something For Ya

Hey, you. It's pretty late on a Thursday. Yet here you are, reading Gizmodo. Thanks for that. Just wanted to let you know that we'll be dropping some news pretty late tonight. About 1:30 AM, California time. I can't tell you more, but it's some cool stuff. I'd say an 8.4 on the Giz-Richter scale. So, if you're going to be up late anyhow, watching some Galactica reruns, come on by. If you can't wait up that late, don't you worry. The post will still be here in the AM. Either way, see ya soon.


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Maybe 1:30 california time is significant somewhere else in the world. Like a place that would have a scheduled (advertised) release of a new product.

Maybe not. All I know is it's still beer o' clock somewhere - who's buying?