Psystar Files for Bankruptcy

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Psystar—those guys who were pilfering software from the Hackintosh project to run Mac OS X in blah PC hardware—has filed for Chapter 11. Good riddance, is all I can say. Although this may be a shady legal strategy on their part.

Under Federal bankruptcy protection laws, all cases against the company should be put on hold. This means that Apple will have to wait on their case against Psystar. The first bankruptcy hearing will be held in Florida next June 5. At that time, we may find who the hell are the financial backers behind the company.


But while all this happens, the keep selling machines on their site. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't get near these guys even while wearing a biochemical war suit. [Mac Observer]

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People buy Macs for the status symbol first and functionality second.

Was a stupid business model to begin with.