If you thought Mac cloners Psystar were going to go on the Apple chopping block without a whole lot of fuss...think again. The case is about to get a lot more interesting now that their defense team seems prepared to play the antitrust card in court. As Colby Springer, one of the lawyers on Psystar's team noted:

"This case has been mischaracterized. There are a lot more complicated issues than just copyright or trademark. There are more complex issues [than those] in respect to the end-user licensing agreement. And antitrust issues come into play, too..."


When pressed further about the situation in the interview, Springer added: "But take a look at the website of the lead attorney representing Apple," he said. "Apple knows where this is going."

I seriously doubt that an antitrust defense will get Psystar off the hook in the end, but it seems to be their best legal option by far. In fact, they probably prepared for this from the beginning. At any rate, it will certainly open up some interesting debates in the coming months. [Computer World via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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