Pure Combines SAD Light With a Digital Radio for Edward Cullen-Free "Twilight" Lamp

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As the winter months pull us in, it's that time of the year again when people ponder purchasing a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) lamp. I sprung for a Philips one a few years ago, and never looked back.

Pure's claiming their Twilight is the first "dawn simulator lamp" combined with a digital radio. Sure beats SAD lamps waking you up with birdsong and other "mother nature" style tones, eh—though the Twilight does have "church bells," "cockerel," "wind chimes," "dawn chorus" and "cicadas" tones, too. There are also tones for the evening too, including "twinkle twinkle," "rock-a-bye baby," and "Brahm's lullaby."

And when you've got people 'round for a party, there are numerous colored light settings, including "party," which sets them all off in a colorful strobe effect.


On sale now in the UK for £130 (the equivalent of $205). [Pure]

London, UK, 24th November 2010: PURE, the world-leading radio maker, presents Twilight, the world's first combined dawn simulator lamp and digital radio and the most energy efficient product of its kind on the market.

PURE Twilight (SRP £129.99) brings together the best in light therapy and the choice and ease-of-use of digital radio to deliver the ultimate bedside experience. Offering dawn simulation, mood lighting, built-in natural sounds and lullabies as well as a reading light and four independent alarms, Twilight creates the ideal ambience for getting a good night's sleep and waking up revitalised and refreshed.

Twilight is the most energy efficient product of its kind on the market thanks to its energy saving LED based light solution, which provides the same light output as a 45W incandescent light bulb for just 5.4W when the lamp is on (Twilight consumes less than 1W in standby).

Waking up with PURE Twilight
Twilight comes with four sophisticated yet simple independent alarm settings, giving the user the choice of waking to a tone, digital radio, FM, or special alarm tones including ‘church bell' and ‘cockerel'; or natural sounds including ‘wind chimes', ‘dawn chorus' and ‘cicadas'.

All of these alarm sounds can be accompanied by dawn simulation which allows the user to wake up naturally from light on a timer that increases gradually to mimic the rising sun before the user's chosen alarm is activated. Studies have shown that waking up to a dawn simulation is good for health and can combat symptoms associated with SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Going to sleep with PURE Twilight
Twilight has a whole host of features to aid a good night sleep. Babies and young children can drift off to sleep listening to lullabies such as ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star', ‘rock-a-bye baby' or ‘Brahm's lullaby' and a nightlight can be set to any colour or brightness.

It is also possible to go to sleep listening to a relaxing natural sound and a mood light setting can be selected to accompany the sounds with the light dimming gradually, helping the user to easily drift off to sleep.

Adults can use Twilight as a reading light or simply relax with its numerous mood light settings, a combination of mood lighting and natural sounds, or of course a favourite radio station. Moods include ‘Rainbow', which cycles through a spectrum of colours; ‘Fire', which flickers between red and orange; ‘Ocean', which undulates from blue through cyan to green, giving a relaxing oceanic effect; ‘Wheat field', which transitions between gold and green to conjure up the changing of the seasons; and ‘Party', which uses flashing colours to create a disco feel.

Turning the light on and off couldn't be easier as Twilight's glass dome is touch-sensitive and acts as an on/off switch for the lamp. Press and hold the lamp and the light dims or brightens gradually.

PURE's Twilight also includes PowerPort, a feature on the majority of PURE's bedside radios, which provides power for USB accessories such as mobile phone chargers, reading lights and bedside fans and solves the problem of having insufficient power points next to the bed. In fact, with combined radio, light and PowerPort, Twilight can replace three power sources with just one. A number of PowerPort USB accessories are available as part of the PURE Choice accessory range.

Other features include digital and FM radio, an auxiliary input for an iPod or MP3 player, large LCD display with autodimming, ultra bright and efficient LED lights with the equivalent brightness of a 45W bulb and touch sensitive controls.

Twilight is also part of the EcoPlus programme, a statement of PURE's ethical philosophy and ongoing commitment to looking after the environment. All PURE products are designed to minimise their environmental impact and manufactured in ethically approved and audited facilities. They have reduced power consumption in operation and standby, use recycled packaging materials, have the smallest possible packaging and use components selected to minimise environmental impact.