Put on Your 3D Glasses for Samsung's 3D-Ready Plasma TV

Korea is first port of call (well, it would be, wouldn't it?) for these 3D-ready plasmas from Samsung. Available in two sizes: 42; and 50 inches, the PAVV Cannes 450 has a 30,000:1 ratio and 3D content support, and will work with high-performance PC-supporting 3D software and 3D glasses. And there's even a super-expensive, HD version, the Cannes 550. More info, plus another shot, below.


The Cannes 450 has Cell Light Control, 2008 Daylight technology and a DNIe+ chipset, as well as enhanced low-sound performance and three entertainment modes: sports; movie; and games.

Samsung also announced a tie-up with Electronic Arts. The gaming software giant is going to provide the content for 3D-Ready PDP TV. Prices are the South Korean Won equivalent of $1,850 for the 42-incher, and $2,656 for the 50-incher. Meanwhile, the HD version, the Cannes 550, will cost $4,145. [Samsung and Aving]

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