Put Your Kinect On a Wall, On a Stand or On a TV

PDP is offering three different solutions to place your Xbox 360 Kinect: On a wall, on your TV, or on a stand, next to your TV. What, placing it on top of the entertainment center not good enough?


The wall mount makes sense for people who've already wall-mounted their TVs, and costs $15. The TV mount is slightly iffier, and costs $40. If you're already sitting your TV on top of something, you could easily place it in front of your TV, or even on your TV's base. If the Kinect is anything like the Wii's IR bar, there's a bit of flexibility with the design.

There's also a floor stand for $30 that looks like a large tripod setup, and a 9-foot extension cable for $50. The latter makes sense if you're not going to have your Kinect right next to your Xbox. These will be available at Kinect launch. [PDP]


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