Puzzle Alarm Clock Presents Mild Challenge, Wakes You Up

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If you
ve snoozed through one-too-many alarms and then way overslept, Bim Bam Banana
s Puzzle Alarm Clock will give you a quick intelligence test that is bound to wake you up before it will stop its incessant honking. As soon as you can assemble the four puzzle pieces that are popped up into the air at your predesignated time, the thing will finally shut up. That should be just enough commotion to assure that you won't go drifting back into la-la land. You
ll pay $52 for that privilege.


Product page [Bim Bam Banana, via popgadget]

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It seems a single square of ductape on top of the puzzle pieces would solve our problems each morning. Then again, a few feet of tape could fix this clock permanently.