Qingbar GP300, World's First Wireless Video Glasses

Video glasses have had a hard time catching on, but maybe it's because of all the wires involved. Then along comes the Qingbar GP300, billed as the world's first wireless video glasses with a built-in media player. Right out of the gate, you can pack plenty of DivX videos onto a mini SD card, great for video pirates who want to walk around in a disguise that reminds everybody of Geordie from Star Trek. If you don't mind looking like a techno-wonk, the specs of these specs are not too bad at all.

While you might feel a bit claustrophobic wearing these things, their 432x240 LCoS display makes it look like there's a 50-inch screen six feet in front of you. And, if you don't feel like reaching up to the transport controls on the glasses, there's also an infrared remote included. These clunky shades aren't going to win any beauty contests, but they still may not be too unpleasant on a long plane trip. They're shipping at the beginning of December of this year for $399, but if you pre-order, you can get them for $299. [YelloMosquito, via Press Release]


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