Qlocktwo Really Spells the Time Out for You

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At first glance, we thought the Qlocktwo was some intentionally confusing, Tokyoflash-like time puzzle. Then we learned that those symbols are called letters. And letters, following long-standing social constructs, form words.

So no matter what the time of day, Qlocktwo can spell it out for you by illuminating just the right spots.

But while the design is pleasing, Qlocktwo's price is not. You see, it's a designer product, meaning that you'll need to pay somewhere around $1500 to own on of your own, along with a few hundred bucks should you want to change out the faceplate.


Then again, if Qlocktwo can replace all the other reading you do in your life, it could save you a boatload on print materials. Our reserves from Danielle Steele alone will be staggering. [Qlocktwo via Design Milk via technabob]