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BlackBerry sales have been in the toilet, so RIM has been scrambling to get their much-anticipated first QNX-based phones to market. Very smart. But they may be pushing them out without BES/BIS email/calendar calendar support. That would be unfathomably stupid.


This morning, an article in Mobile Magazine had this little poo-nugget:

It turns out that "the integration of BES/BIS email/calendar is proving difficult," wrote Peter Misek, an analyst from Jefferies & Company. "We think a QNX phone without these would be a disaster."

"Disaster" does not come close. If this is true, it would be an act of suicide. RIM, yes, I know that no one is buying your BlackBerry 7 phones and you're right to want to get your QNX phones out ASAP, but did you learn nothing from rushing the PlayBook to market before it was ready? Realistically, QNX phones may be RIM's last chance as saving the BlackBerry line. They absolutely must take the time to get it right or they may be lost forever. [Mobile Magazine]

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