Quake 3 Arena Ported to iPhone; Let the Networked Games Commence

Holy butt-clencher, Batman! Quake 3 Arena has somehow found itself ported to the iPhone. Details are thinner than my scalp is on hair, but the video clearly shows a networked game going on in full swing. You may be thinking this sounds semi-neat, but let me tell you this; the game uses the freaking accelerometer for direction control, while shooting is done simply by tapping on the touchscreen. Now, I'm off to collapse in a euphoric pile, you check out the video and then do the same. There's no word on the release yet, but hopefully it will show up somewhere once I am out of my aforementioned, euphoric pile state. We'll keep you posted. [Crunchgear]

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this is the first thing that makes me want an iphone.