Question of the Day: Do You Decorate Your Gadgets?

Some gadgets are a work of art right out of the box, but for many people it is not enough to have the same beautiful piece of technology that everyone else has. So, they spend a little extra money to customize the product to their specific tastes. There are several ways to go about this, from custom paint jobs to skins, to laser etching. Hell, it can be as easy as throwing a few stickers on there to add some flair. So, my question is: do you like to decorate your gadgets?


Results from "Is Taking Away Gadgets and Effective Form of Punishment?" Yes, as a parent it has been effective. 15% No, as a parent it has not been effective. 3% Yes, as a troublemaker it has been effective. 21% No, as a troublemaker it is not effective. 22% I'm not a parent or a child, but it would work on me. 24% I'm not a parent or a child, but it wouldn't work on me. 15%

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