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Quora Will Answer All Your Questions with Its New iPhone App

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Quora, the excellent Q&A site, just released an iPhone app that makes it dead easy to get your questions answered and learn new things. If you ever used Quora, you know how smart their community can get.

The iPhone app uses location-based services to show questions in the area around your location, super useful when you're trying to learn about a new place (just moved, traveling, etc.). The app will also send you push notifications whenever your question is answered so you can know immediately when your thread is updated.


I'm not much of a Quora user myself but I've always found good nuggets of information from people at that site. They cover anything from technology to sports to movies and music to well, really anything. It's like everything Yahoo! Answers wishes it could be. Free [iTunes via TechCrunch]