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Get out of the way, because here comes the Dragonfly, a next-generation radio-controlled flyer that beats its wings just like the real thing. Its wing-flapping flight is stabilized by a tiny tail rotor, but no need to worry about constant crashes—it has a simplified Beginner Mode for the fumble-fingered flyer. Then when you earn your wings, flip it over to Expert Mode for some aerial derring-do.

The palm-sized Dragonfly plugs directly into the remote for charging, its bulbous eyes glowing as the juice is applied. The wee flying machine, created by Robosapien manufacturer Wow Wee, just received FCC approval, but no pricing or availability information was forthcoming. Too bad; it's probably too late for Christmas.


Wow Wee Readying Flying Toy Bug [Gearlog, via ubergizmo]