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R.I.P. E.C. Tubb, prolific science fiction author who died on the day his final book was accepted

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

British novelist Edwin Charles Tubb died aged 91 in England last Friday, on the same day that his final novel, the dystopian epic To Dream Again, was accepted for publication in 2011. His contributions to the genre were immense.

Tubbs wrote over 130 novels, including 33 volumes of the Dumarest of Terra series, which begins with The Winds of Gath. Earl Dumarest is a young Earth boy who stows away on a spaceship, and instead of tossing him out an airlock, the captain takes him under his wing, and by the time he becomes an adult he's traveled so far that nobody has even heard of Earth and people think it's just a legend.


Tubb also wrote six Space: 1999 novels and many other stand-alone novels, some under various pseudonyms. He edited the final twenty issues of Authentic Science Fiction magazine and co-founded the British Science Fiction Association. His short story "Little Girl Lost" was adapted for American television in 1972.

I have to say, it's sad when anybody dies, but if you have to go, this is the way to do it — producing great stuff and getting published right up to your very last day.


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