Rad Sunglasses Made From Recycled Skateboards

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If you've already decorated your iPhone with a recycled skateboard back panel, then there's only one accessory you need to complete your look: a pair of sunglasses made from the same stuff.


These shades are made by fashion label Diamond Supply Co, and are constructed from recycled, multicolored layered wood taken from old skateboard decks. Unlike the iPhone accessory, shaping the frames into the old-school Wayfarer shape is rather more complex—but the hard work seems worth it. They were announced earlier this week and will be available soon, though currently there are no details on price. Given how tricky they are to make though, don't expect them to come cheap. [HypeBeast via HiConsumption]

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I'm a fan of silly sunglasses but not ones I'd be afraid of losing or breaking. Spending RayBan Aviator money on a novelty item is not really that appealing to me. If I want novelty I go and get a 2 for $15 deal and find some ridiculously gaudy sunglasses that I don't give a shit about fucking up. I don't see the point in silly looking expensive fashion items.

Another thing to consider is generally people would wear these in the sun. people sweat in the sun. I would question the longevity of the finish on the wood of these frames.