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Kevin Kelly points out the brains behind Radica Games' (the same people who make the great Room Defender) 20Q gizmo, a hardware version of the classic web-based 20 Questions guessing game that work eerily well:

Last year, after 1 million rounds of 20 questions online, the neural net had accumulated 10 million synaptic associations. It has a 73% success rate of guessing what you thought. Burgener then compressed the 20Q code to run on a chip, and had the neural net select 2,000 of the most popular 10,000 objects it then knew about. He then had the neural net select out the most useful 250,000 synaptic connections related to those 2,000 objects, and hard wired that learning into the chip in the orb. In other words, this sphere is a handheld version of Burgener's Twenty Questions web site: (Because it knows about fewer objects than the web version, it gets confused less often, so its success rate is ironically higher.)


Product Page [RadicaGames via CoolTools Email List]