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The Radiocube is a neat idea that will be debuting at CES 2008 (I won't be there, so hopefully the rest of the Giz guys will keep their eyes peeled for it.) There are no buttons on the Wi-Fi device, and not even an on-off button, so how the devil does it work?


It's simple—and it all depends on how you stand the dice-like gizmo. The Radiocube's creator, Cambridge Consultants, reckons that we only listen to four stations at a time. So, four of its six sides correspond to the stations, the fifth is a speaker, and the sixth the equivalent of an Off button. Once you've programmed it to your four fave sites (something they say will be revealed next month in Vegas, baby) stand it on any of the four sides and there you go, the show of your choice. [T3 via Gizmo Watch]

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