RadioShack Black Friday Deals Revealed

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While the lines wrap around Best Buy, extending into the oceans and back around Best Buy again, a lone electronics store will sit in the dark of night with little fanfare but definitely a few good deals. And especially if you'd like to save big money on small, often quirky electronics, RadioShack is a pretty good place to be at the break of dawn. You know, just don't stand there all night or anything ridiculous.
Notable Deals:

SanDisk 8GB Sansa Fuze - $69.99 Motorola H375 Bluetooth Headset - $9.99 Belkin Tunebase FM Transmitter for iPod - $49.99 Memorex 7-in-1 HD DV 5MP Camcorder - $79.99 TomTom One 125 GPS - $99.99 Wind-Up LED Flashlight 2-Pack - $9.99 Spykee Micro Robot - $9.99

For the full list, hit the link. [Back Friday]

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That is the best they can do? Amazon already has most of that stuff for less (and no tax for most).