This product, from the possibly-crazed minds at Philips, is weird enough—basically a stress-detecting bracelet and bowl—but the teaser for it has more tension than a thriller's trailer. Just imagine: "One man. One bracelet. In a race against time."

The oddly-named Rationalizer looks like a reasonably simple, if bizarre, product: A bracelet that probably detects clamminess and pulse, and wirelessly sends that data to an LED-laden bowl. The bowl turns red (red is always bad, you guys) when "stress" levels are too high, and the important businessman who's wearing this contraption knows he needs to stop day-trading or whatever and have a glass of water. It's still in the conceptual stage right now, but it's far along enough for Philips to make a hilariously overwrought teaser. Check it out here. [Philips via Engadget]