RCA has two iPod compatible audio systems coming out in 2007. The RP5500i Dual Wake Clock Radio can dock and charge the iPod and provide the usual alarm clock functions. It can play back from any digital audio player, but it looks a lot prettier with an iPod dock. The supposed highlight of the alarm clock is the SmartSnooze feature that allows any button to be used to snooze. Wow! It also includes a Graduwake and Gradusleep that will fade the music in and out for waking and sleeping. It will be available in May for $79.


The RCA RS2130 Bookshelf Audio System also includes and iPod dock that is detached, 160-watt amplifier, CD player, radio, etc. It does use RCA's Rip&Go feature that can rip music from the radio or CD player directly to an MP3 player or other mass storage device. It will also be available in May for $169.